We offer private or group readings. Please check the dates and avaliablity of our mediums by sending the administration team an email or simply contact us by phone. Check out our contacts page for further information. Private readings can last up to one hour. Our mediums will travel out for private readings, however, there may be an additional costs depending on location.

We will also be offering online private readings through skype.

Contact number for all readings 07541372445

Price list

Private readings

Spiritual reading (one to one) £25

Tarot card reading (one to one) £25

Spiritual medium and psychic artist £35

(Please note that readings can last from half an hour to two hours depending on the message, medium or counselling).

Trance Readings

"An experience lasting a life time"

How does a trance reading work?

The trance medium has to prepare spiritually and physically several days before, as it takes much energy to do trance mediumship. We are all spirit within a physical body, and trance is where the mediums spirit leaves the physical body and allows another spirit to enter the mediums body.

What can I expect in a trance reading?

Every trance reading will vary from one another because we are all different spiritually and physically.

How long does a trance reading last for?

Trance readings can last up to one hour. Spirit will know when the reading has finished.

Who will come through and speak to me in a trance reading?

This will depend on who wishes to speak to you, if this is a family member, healer, guide or even a spiritual teacher this will depend on the vibration and strength of the spirit and of course the trance medium. Remember nothing is guranteed.

How much does a trance reading cost?

All trance readings are £40.

To book your trance reading today contact Roy on:

- 07946386740-

Group readings

An average of 6x people or more £20 per person


Have your dream interpretated for £15

This also includes follow up and advice.

Special bookings

You can book one or more of our mediums for special events.

We charge £200 for an evening demonstration. This includes a selection of mediums, psychic artists, writers, philosophers, teachers and many others. Further information is available on request.

Please note We are a non-profit making organisation and therefore do not offer discounts for other charity events. All of our profits go to the running of our spirtual school and research. Thankyou.

Special services

Each of our mediums specialise in a specific area of mediumship. Here is a list of specialised services we offer at the School.

Please ask for more details.

Private workshops

Our workshops have been developed to allow people to start their understanding on a very basic, yet spiritual way. We offer a wide range of classes and workshops taught by our experienced, dedicated and qualified teachers. Workshops are from 10am - 4pm and cost £25 per person. However, we offer a 10% discount if you recommend 6 people or more to the workshop.

Or try something different

Trance evening demonstration. Have the chance to speak to spirit and ask questions. We hold limited trance evening events throughout the year. Tickets are £10 per person. This also includes refreshments.

Something unique

We also offer a unique opportunity for people to experience our physical room (Please check out more on what physical mediumship is about and how it is developed). Tickets for these events are exclusive and limited seats apply. Tickets are £15 per person.

Healing - The Mind, Body and Spirit

We offer a whole range of different types of healing sessions.

Healing sessions are £20. This includes a consultation with the healer as well as the healing session of your choice. However, the healer may advise the patient which treatment if any should be taken.

We also offer our After Care package which includes a £20 initial cost and then sessions thereafter are £15.

Do you want to know how the healing process works? Then check out our healing sections and demonstrations.

Our healing methods and techniques include:-

  1. Magnet Healing
  2. Physical Healing
  3. Spiritual Healing
  4. Herb Healing
  5. Aroma Healing
  6. Sound Healing
  7. Light Healing
  8. Crystal Healing
  9. Chakra Healing
  10. Hot and Cold Healing
  11. Hot Stone Healing
  12. Meditation Healing


Our Physical Room Price List 2015

Our Physical Room set up

We will be offering special tickets for an evening of physical mediumship. These events are designed to prove that life after physical death exists. Tickets for physical mediumship are at £15 per person. Availability for these tickets will be posted when dates have been confirmed with the Einstein Initiative team.


The physical medium will be sitting in the front

Trance Mediumship evening

At the Einstein Initiative, we have several excellent trance mediums working in the service of spirit, passing on knowledge and wisdom from the spirit realms to help and inspire us here on the earth plane. These events are very different and special and those that purchase tickets will have an opportunity to ask questions and speak with loved ones. Tickets for trance mediumship evenings are at £15 per person. Dates, times and availability will be confirmed as soon as possible.

For more information contact Steven Hemingway on:


Check out our events section for upcoming events and Mind Body and Spirit Events

Check out our course/workshop information page for details of our up and coming events and workshops. There is plenty to choose from. Book your tickets now and have the chance to win a free reading.