Astral Travel

"Every single person needs to sleep and therefore has access to the astral planes. Learn more about this exciting phenomenon."

As we sleep, our spirit leaves the physical body for a short time to visit a place called the astral plane and your spirit is free to do many things. This plane is just another level of consciousness; a place between the earth plane and the plane we refer to as, "the spirit world."

What do we do on the Astral Plane?

Well, you can do pretty much anything you like. Your astral journeys can be wonderful and enlightening and are journeys of your own choosing. You may want to meet up with loved ones, friends and family or you may want to travel to different places. This will depend on you because it is free will.

Every person in the world needs to sleep. Every person in the world is a spirit and every person in the world has an, "astral guide." Your astral guide, in simple terms, is a spirit friend who will be waiting for you and will help and guide you to the astral planes.

You spirit leaving the physical body

Have you ever wondered about déjà vu, where you get that feeling of having already been there or seen something? Quiet often it is because you have indeed visited somewhere in your sleep state and remembered.

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

Remember that:- The astral plane is the place where every single person goes when they physically sleep.

There is a major difference between astral travelling, astral projection and remote viewing.

Astral travelling is done by every person in the world, this process is natural. Astral projection and remote viewing is much more complicated and not many people can astral project themselves or do remote viewing (see remote viewing page for further details).

How far do you think you have gone? Learn how to train your brain and spirit at the Einstein Initiative.


  1. We are constantly learning and gaining new knowledge both on the earth plane and on the astral planes.
  2. There is a major difference between astral travelling, astral projection and remote viewing.
  3. Everyone needs to sleep therefore everyone goes on the astral planes.

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