Animals can be guides too. Every single living thing on our planet, and of course the universe, has a spirit. However, the biggest question is, what differentiates us as human beings from animals?  Well, that is a difficult question to answer. Spiritually, we are all the same, however, our consciousness separates ourselves from different types of animal species. Horses, dolphins, dogs, whales, eagles and cats are some of many spiritual animals that live and breathe on our planet today. 

"We must preserve and save our animal kingdom for generations to come."

We have all heard of evolution, where animals and plants evolve over millions of years. Spiritually, animals and humans are very alike and we all progress and evolve together. This circle applies to spirit as well. 

"Animals bring much unconditional love to our lives."

The more we learn, understand and experience, the more we will progress and this applies to animals too. Spiritual animals are perhaps considered more spiritually aware than other types of animal species. Therefore, we believe that animals too can think, feel, sense, and experience just like humans do. Spiritual animals are considered to be more than aware, they too have spiritual consciousness that is similar to our consciousness. However, they behave more instinctively than humans do.

Some human beings are more in tune, not only with their own spiritual being, but also with Mother Earth and with animals and plants too. Some animals can sense this and are drawn to these types of people and this can also be applied to those in spirit too. Why would an animal spirit draw close to us and what could they possibly want? Well, that is an interesting question. Quite simply, animals too want to help us and each other to progress and to learn. 

"Animals too have a spirit and a right to live, progress and experience."

Animals are perhaps more natural and honest in their ability to love unconditionally. Animals too have a spirit and a mind and can have the capabilities to heal, love and give comfort to us and each other.  They too can feel sadness and pain and we see that every day with dogs for example. 

"Certain animals will come close to us on a very spiritual level. They will come to us for many different reasons. A lion for example, will draw close to us because it represents strength and loyalty."

Animals can also give us a sense of belonging because some animals have this unconditional love for us. Animals can also listen and have some very powerful senses and abilities that we are still yet to understand. Perhaps, in many ways, some animal species are more in tune with their spirituality than we are and we can learn much from animals in our world.

Animal guides have the same responsibility as spirit guides. They draw close to us for different reasons and at different parts of our life on earth. Each type of animal you may see in your meditation or dream can symbolise something that is occurring in your life as well. Therefore, animals have a strong and special energy that can help us and aid us in our own progression and understanding. Seeing an animal, or being aware of your animal guide, is as much a privilege and an honour as seeing and feeling your personal guides. To know who they are can form an everlasting and loving bond from spirit to spirit. This can be an amazing experience.

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We firmly believe in the preservation of our planet which includes all plant and tree species and our animal kingdom. The world has seen many changes, which include good ones, but also many bad ones. Many animal species have already either disappeared or are on the verge of extinction. Please support us. We do not just believe in giving money as forms of charity but rather doing that little extra by helping preserve our forests, green belts and animal species.

Here are some of many animal species we want to preserve:-


Mother Earth.

Global warming is down to us abusing our beautiful world, or is it. What is causing all the natural disasters over the last decade or two and why. Well if you consider that our Planet is a living thing then it stands to reason that it has a physical and spiritual body just like us.  Giving and receiving energy just like us, but as a living entity the energy levels are awesome. So much so that we struggle to get our heads round it so it is easier not to believe.
Now back to global warming as it is commonly called.

WHAT IF.  The people that believe because of the co2 emissions that we are pumping into the environment are right.

WHAT IF.  The people that believe it is a natural occurrence and it is the earth that is causing it, has it has done over thousands of years in the past is right.

WHAT IF.  Both parties are right. The word is that the earth is changing as it has for millennium. The problem is that it takes thousands of years for these cycles of change to come about. Now because of the misuse of the planets resources and pumping out pollution into the atmosphere we are now speeding up the process. Instead of taking thousands of years to take place, because of us it will only take a fraction of that time.

WHAT IF.  Mother Earth is beginning to get fed up with the little microbes that are playing havoc with its skin with deforestation? Poisoning the waters, both the seas and rivers. Which after all mother earth is only on loan to us as this is only a temporary visit to the earth plain in this incarnation. Just like us the planet is evolving and is susceptible to vibrational changes. It has a spirit like us but maybe not in the way we would understand it. So like us it will defend itself when it feels threatened.

WHAT IF.  All those natural disasters as we call them that have occurred in the last few decades or so are warnings. Tsunami, Earthquakes, Storms.  So all those big multi-nationals throughout the world and the people who run them are the biggest culprits for the world’s situation. Money, Greed, and Power. Those who think that they are safe in their lifestyles and habitats had better think again, because there is nowhere to hide

WHAT IF.  Mother earth knows who they are and where they are?

Written by Mr Roy Williams

What are your thoughts on Global Warming?

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