Rescue Work

Rescue work involves helping and guiding lost or misguided spirit to the light to rejoin their loved ones, friends, family and inspirers.

Why would a spirit be stuck or in need of rescue?

Typical examples could be murder victims, suicides or indeed anybody who has died in tragic or traumatic circumstances.

These spirit can be stuck in a limbo of constantly going over the circumstances of their death. For example, if you died in a car accident, continually going over this trying to change an outcome that cannot be changed. You must accept this has happened before you can move on.

Those who were murdered can find it hard having to accept the sometimes horrendous circumstances of their death, but they must accept this before they can move on but this can take time.

In the case of suicides, those who believe committing suicide is a way out of escaping a problem. This is not true, as you still take all those problems and issues with you as well as the guilt and sorrow you will feel for the effect your death can have on those still here in the physical. Spirit can be stuck a long time waiting for loved ones to come home to erase this guilt and move on.

Convicted murderers and manipulators

While on the earth plane, murderers, or those who have committed other crimes and who might have enjoyed being in control and manipulating those around them for there own gains will be attracted to the same when they pass to spirit.

Those spirit who enjoyed control over others will still believe they have this control. They do not, they can only manipulate as they did on the earth plane and they do not accept loved ones who try to draw close to guide them home. To rescue these spirit can be a slow process as we gradually brighten the light of their spirit again to a level where they wish to be guided to the love and light of family and friends.

Even the darkest of spirits will still have that small spark of light within.


Those that enjoyed their homes while on the earth plane and still wish to remain there or still feel ownership for their home and possessions can cause disturbances for the people now living in that house. More commonly known as haunting.


The rescue work involving children is off high importance.

Most people would think that all children go to join the love and light of their loved ones in the spirit realms. This is not always the case.

Children who have gone home in tragic circumstances or suffered trauma during their time on the earth plane can be stuck in this trauma or being kept there by what we would call, soul collectors.

There are many that work in the spirit realms to rescue these spirit and bring them to the love and light of their families once more.

Soul collectors

These are spirit from the darker realms who will wait for spirit coming home who are traumatised or confused and try to manipulate their emotions to gain control.

In reality, they have no control over these spirits, as we all have free will. They only have the power to manipulate and confuse.

How rescue work is carried out

Rescue work can be achieved on the astral plane while we are sleeping. We join with others in the spirit realms who have chosen to do this work, guiding these spirits back to the love and light.

Rescue work can also be carried out on the earth plane in a rescue circle.

Do you want to know more about rescue work and how it works? Then check out our course and workshop information page for further details.