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Religious Studies

We long ago discarded religion as a credible rendition of spiritual truth. At the Einstein Initiative we feel strongly that until religion is replaced by spirituality, our world and many of its peoples cannot move forward in the peace and enlightenment they deserve.
Over many, many centuries, countless prophets, seers, visionaries and teachers have returned to the earth plane to bring the message of the simplicity of spiritual truths.

These simple teachings, to our mind, have been systematically blurred by different religions over the years for various reasons, but all out of selfishness and the gaining of power. Religion is an ideal way to control masses of people, either by fear or by preying on their ignorance.

Jesus, the Nazarene, amongst others, brought to the people of the earth at that time a beautiful and simple philosophy of the truth. He brought the message that there is life after physical death and that our loved ones are always close to us. He brought the evidence and the beauty of spiritual healing to ease and heal those who are sick in mind and body.

He proved how we in the physical could be an instrument for those in the spirit world who wish to work with us, because that is how he carried out his work. He repeated only the truths that had been brought to the earth plane many times before by others, but in his own way.

We do feel that our brother is still deeply saddened at the way his teachings and his words have been distorted over the years and indeed traumatised at the way in which people have fought wars and committed atrocities in his name.

How sad it is that those who preach in his name and in the name of other great teachers and messengers hide behind creed and dogma and refuse to acknowledge or understand the real truth of these messages. We wonder why they are afraid.

Could it be that if all could realise the simple truths of the world of spirit then there would be no need of clergymen, priests, clerics or even churches or places of worship?

We often gaze in wonderment at the unbelievable and stunning architecture of places of worship throughout the world, these monuments to the Gods of the worshippers, but then it is spoiled for us in the knowing that many of these worshippers leave this opulence behind for hunger and sometimes abject poverty in their own daily lives. How can this be right?

We accept that in many places religion has held communities together and provides the basis and framework for their stability. We feel though, that it is the spirituality of the people, rather than the religion, that can take credit for this.

To us it is not what religion we aspire to on this earthly journey or what particular badge we wear, but how we choose to live our lives.
Feebly hanging on to the coat tails of a religion in the hope that it might possibly be the right one and could be the passport to whatever paradise is envisaged seems to be very short sighted in the extreme. Just blindly following a religion will not build ones character, or help the spirit to grow and progress, but living a good life and being of service to others most certainly will. Acceptance of the bad times as being just as important as the good times will progress the spirit, as will expressing with love your spirituality in all things.

Because we are spirit, the physical lives, because it is the spirit that animates the physical. Because we are a spirit, we live on, because the spirit cannot die, it is immortal, infinite. We are spirit when we entered the physical and we will be spirit when we leave the physical.

To many, their religion is their strength, and that is wonderful, and it matters not to us which garden they choose to grow in. What we care so deeply about is that their spirit not only has the opportunity to fully blossom and realise the beauty of its potential, but doesnt wither and die, or close its petals to the simplicity of the truth. For all people, this we really care about.


Anuk- Helper and Guide

Anuk was one of the first spirit friends who came through our trance medium Anita Williams many years ago.  Anuk is considered a very emotional friend who comes through with such passion and love.  He would often shed many tears when speaking to the circle, a testament of how much love he has for us.  Many enlightened spirit friends often come on a very high vibration and this is can be felt within a circle environment.  This is why having the right circle sitters is so very important.  In order for enlightened spirits to come through not only does the trance medium have to be physically as well as spiritually right but also the energy within the room and its sitters must also be right too.  This doesn’t happen overnight and it can take many years for a circle to lift its vibrations to allow friends such as Anuk to come through and speak to us.  Entering the trance mediums physical body is not an easy task for any spirit.  Preparation is very important, for any developing trance medium. 

However, to really understand Anuk and his true story, one must first understand a little about Malakai himself.  Malakai was a high priest in the city and temple of Karnak a region that is quiet famous throughout Egyptology.  Those that have visited Karnak must agree that it is one of the most fascinating and beautiful places in the ancient world.  Malakai was part of a special lineage that stretches back for many generations.  His father and grandfather where also priests who worked in surrounding temples of Karnak.  Anuk’s first official position was financial collector for the temple Malakai was in charge of.  Ordinary and high ranking Egyptians would come once or twice a week to make offerings to the Gods.  No other person apart from Pharaoh himself and the high priest where aloud to enter the secret altar chamber.  Other altar chambers where scattered across the temple sites where people would leave gold, valuable processions and food to offer to the Gods.  Maintaining such a large temple was very difficult.  Many thousands of servants, guards, and priests worked at Karnak.  The Pharaoh would often contribute massive amounts of gold to build new buildings, temple complexes and other beautiful statues.  Anuk stated that Karnak had an extremely affective taxing system and Anuk was very much part of collecting these taxes to maintain the running costs of Malakai’s temple.

More so, we first heard about Anuk through our leader Malakai.  Anuk last lived on the earth plain many thousands of years ago in a place we call Ancient Egypt.  Anuk was also Malakai’s head servant who organised Malakai’s household finances.  Anuk eventually out lived Malakai who then worked for Malakai’s family and elder’s son.  Anuk lived until his late 70’s and he was buried not far from the region of Karnak.  He was highly regarded by Malakai himself and his family.  He was a trusted member of Malakai’s staff who took great pride in organising the financial family affairs.  Upon Malakai’s passing, it was Anuk’s responsibility to organise the financial costings and personal will of the family estate.  Anuk was also very much involved in the preparation of Malakai’s tomb. 

In Ancient Egypt, such responsibilities were often highly regarded and Anuk was extremely passionate about his duties to Malakai and his family.  Anuk is often seen carrying a pair of golden scales to show that his passion lies with organising and sorting finances out.  We all know that money is a physical thing and that you do not need money and so forth within the spirit world.  Why need money when you can have anything you wish in the spirit world?  As our awareness grew we began to understand that even though in spirit, we all still have certain areas we wish to help in or are passionate about.  Like Anuk, he enjoys helping others who struggle with financial problems.  For over 50 years Anuk organised Malakai’s financial matters and during his time he has accumulated much knowledge in these areas.  Those in the physical plain, unfortunately, rightly or wrongly, we all need money.  We say ‘need’ because we need money to buy food, water, shelter, and receive medical care.  It is the hope that one day that ‘need’ would disappear, where everyone would be working towards a free and fair society: ‘the need of no money’.  Some of use, organising and controlling our finances can be a difficult task.  Even though the world has changed much over the centuries there are still many aspects of society that has little changed.  Anuk’s greatest wish is to help other who perhaps needs assistance in their financial affairs.  The financial burdens many of us face every day can overwhelm us and perhaps take their toll on our spiritual journey. 

There are many like Anuk who would draw close to us, to help and inspire us with our financial worries and problems.  Running a household is not an easy task and sometimes they can overwhelm us.  “You must only ask for us,” Anuk would often say.  “We would gladly help.” However, how many forget to ask spirit for help and guidance?  Sometimes we expect a miracle to happen overnight, but changes can take time.  Remember we have to do our part too and that it isn’t always spirits responsibility to make those changes for us.  We always say it is a 50/50 partnership.  Many people misunderstand spirit.  Spirit does not just help us with our spiritual journey but they can also help us with so many other aspects of our physical lives.  Of course there is universal law to consider because spirit cannot tell us what path to take or not to take.  They can only advise us and inspire us. We may think this unfair but really isn’t the purpose of reincarnation to learn, progress, make mistakes and to experience a physical life.  Life can be hard but life can also be very good, if only we view all situations as positive ones.  Would we learn anything, if our guides, helpers, and workers constantly told us what to do and where to go?  We wouldn’t.  Those times of hardships are times when we learn most of.  How many of us have asked “how the hell did I get through that”?  Perhaps it was people like Anuk that has been there to help and guide you.  We may not even of known it!  

Anuk and people like him can also give us much strength to get through difficult situations and problems that surround us every day.  Remember spirit would often say, “We may inspire you where to look but we can’t tell you what you will find only you must do that”.  Many highly evolved spirits are continuously drawing close to us on the Earth Plain in the hope of inspiring us and in the hope of bringing peace and harmony within the world.  It is always the interest of all spirit’s including us, to maintain peace and to look after our beautiful world.  Without Mother Earth we would be unable to reincarnate back onto her in the near future.  Anuk is considered an enlightened spirit who has progressed much over many life times.  But his passion to help others still very much binds his very spirit close to the Earth Plain.

It is well known within our circle, that Anuk for many thousands of years after still fulfilled his duties as head housekeeper for Malakai within the spirit world.  We often wondered why such a beautiful and gentle spirit would still want to be head housekeeper even after so many years after his passing.  If you can do and have anything you like within such a beautiful place, why still fulfil duties that are considered physical and unnecessary.  The answer we received was quiet simple.  If that’s what Anuk enjoyed and loved then that’s what he will continue to do.  Remember there is free will!

We must also consider the principles behind our guides, inspires, healers, and workers.  They choose us as much as we choose them.  Nobody tells our guides that they have to work with us.  It’s a friendship that binds the very fabric of our spirits.  It must be very humbling for Malakai to still have such a faithful servant and friend by his side after all these years.  After many years of communicating with spirit we have come to understand that we are never alone.  Friends such as Anuk and thousands of others are there to help and guide us upon our earthly journey.  We may not always feel them close or sense them around, but we know deep within our hearts they are always there to assist us in difficult times.  We sometimes forget how much help and inspiration spirit friends such as Anuk have given us within our life time. Without their dedication and faith in us, we would not be where we are today and in this we will always thank Anuk for his help and guidance he so freely gives.  An important philosophy that has always stuck in our minds is that spirit will not always give us what we want but they will always give us what we need.