Soul Partners

Soul partners, an interesting subject is it not? Soul partners, is it possible one asks? This is a question everyone will probably ask at some time in their lives and the answer is yes, you do have a soul partner. There is also a life partner or spirit partner which means the same thing but not to be confused with soul partner. We are either a male or female spirit and we have only one soul partner of the opposite sex, now and for always.

When we reincarnate back to the physical world from the spirit world we do not always come back with our soul partner. If we do, we do not always meet up, but we hope to. If we do meet up, we do not always get together, it could be like ships that pass in the night as the saying goes.

When in spirit, we make our plans together for when we return if we are coming back with our soul partners. We will plan to meet up but things do not always work out as planned. If we are not reincarnating with our soul partners, for whatever reason, we will make other plans.

It could be that a very close friend, one from the soul group, is going to come back with you and you make plans to meet up and walk this physical life together. I assure you that your soul partner will be perfectly happy with that arrangement. They would be what is known as, a spirit or life partner and you can live a joyous and fruitful life with your life or spirit partner but, again, there is no guarantee that you would meet as planned. Also, it can be that you have come back without plans to meet up with a partner, soul partner or otherwise.

Now, if things go according to plan, you reincarnate back into the physical, eventually meeting up with your soul partner or life partner. It does not mean that you will both live happily ever after as life is not a bed of roses. You are both individual spirits who have come back to do your own thing to help your progression. So, life can be hard, so much so that you split up from your partner, but if you end up with another partner on your journey, when you pass back to spirit you will always end up with your soul partner eventually.

Frequently asked questions about Soul Partners

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