We return to the earth plane for many different reasons and only you will know why you have returned. When we do return, we use a physical body over a period of time to learn, progress, understand and most importantly, to experience. Remember, the physical body is only the vehicle and the real you, which is the spirit, is the driver. This is why it is important to ensure that you take control of the physical body and not allow the physical body to control you.

"Once you open that inner door from within, it is like you see the world differently and everything makes sense."

There is no right or wrong way to lead your life because life is about learning, making mistakes and perhaps saying the wrong thing at times. There will be moments when we do not understand what life is about and there will be moments when we will be down, depressed and stressed. But remember, life is never meant to be easy. We are here to learn and understand. However, we also need to remember to be aware of our own actions and we should take responsiblity for those actions. We should not judge others, we should only judge ourselves. One way to become more aware is through meditation.

Once you start walking more and more on a spiritual path, you will start seeing things and feelings things you have not experienced before, and this is normal. You will also feel more sensitive and emotional about the world around you and the people that you meet.

"Open your mind to all possiblities. Once you take that step, anything and everything is possible."

Of course, the importance of being on the earth plane is for spiritual progression. The longer we are on the earth plane, the more we will learn, understand and experience. Sometimes we forget the importance of looking after our physical bodies. Without our bodies, we can no longer live on the earth plane and learn. Keeping our bodies healthy is vital for the continuation of our spiritual progression on the earth plane. During our time on earth, we will abuse our bodies in different ways. Sometimes we are not aware of this and other times we know exactly what we are doing to our physcial bodies.

Something to think about

What is truth?

Truth is truth as you know it today. For what you think is true today, may change tomorrow. Truth is the present.

What is knowledge?

Knowledge, unlike truth, is past, present and future for it is knowledge that dictates what is true or false. All things come about through knowledge.

What is understanding?

Understanding is the process the physical brain goes through to assimilate knowledge and through knowledge comes understanding.

What is experience?

Experience is a personal understanding of knowledge gained through our pathway through life.

What you can expect to learn at the Einstein Initiative School

Our case studies

Being gay - One of many questions people ask is whether or not being gay is physical or spiritual. Here is what you could expect to learn within our philosophy classes and discussions.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is there a reason why I am gay?
  2. Do I choose to be gay?
  3. Is this the first time I am gay in this lifetime?
  4. Do I have a soul partner?

Cot death and disability

Many people have asked the very delicate questions about cot death and disablity. Many have asked why would a spirit return to a disabled body? Some people have asked what happens to the spirit if a woman has an abortion? Here is what you could expect to learn within our philosophy classes.

Do we plan everything before we return to the earth plane?

Many people have argued that before we return to the earth plane we plan our lives in every detail, every moment, and that everything that happens and what we do today has been planned already. We can tell you that this is misleading. At the Einstein School we teach, share and search for the truth and we have had many debates and discussions highlighting this very question.


A very sad and upsetting area is that of suicides. One of the most important points we should all make is not to judge those that take their own lives. However, there are many hidden truths that we wish to share with you in the areas of suicides and those that assist suicides.

Our friends from other worlds

Many people have asked whether or not there is life in other worlds. The answer is yes, there is. Would you like to know more about our friends on other worlds and help us discover the truth about our history, and our history with other worlds?

Past lives

Freqently asked quesitons on past lives - only answered at our school

  1. Did we know each other in another lifetime?
  2. How many lives have we lived?
  3. Why do I return to the earth plane and not other worlds?
  4. Have I ever been a spirit guide for another person in another lifetime?
  5. How long do I have to wait until I reincarnate to my next life?

Our personal mission - our children

"We want to build a community through cultural awareness, acceptance and spirtiual understanding."

  1. Teaching our children the importance of meditation.
  2. Bringing meditation to schools at all ages.
  3. Teach our children the importance of preserving our animal kingdom.
  4. Teach our children the importance of recycling.
  5. Help, guide and teach our children the importance of eating the right foods
  6. Help teach children the importance of planting seeds, flowers and trees and keeping our environment clean
  7. Prepare our children for a very uncertain future and ensure they get the very best out of life.
  8. Encourage and allow children to express their spirituality and love.
  9. Teach children that the earth has a spirit too.
  10. Help teach our children the power of music.

The Power of Healing

"Healing creates one form of energy only - love. Love is the most powerful and pure form of energy in the universe."

Why diet?

At the Einstein Initiative we have developed, with the help and guidance of spirit, a simple but effective manual on how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle without having to put enormous spiritual and physical pressure on you either by losing weight, keeping fit or eating healthy. 

What you will learn within the Einstein Initiative, “Healthy Living” manual is an effective plan that covers the following areas:

1.  The importance of a healthy mind, body and spirit.
2.  The importance of daily meditation practices.
3.  The importance of eating natural foods.
4.  Becoming aware of how your body works, thinks and behaves.
5.  The importance of natural balances of the physical body.
6.  The relationship between body and spirit.
7.  The importance of sleep.
8.  The importance of our breathe.
9.  The importance of what we drink.
10.     Foods to avoid - What people dont want you to know.

Our Healthy Living manual also covers an important area and theory which we call the, Wind-Mill Theory of body, mind and spirit.


Psychic Surgery - Myth or reality?

·   Does psychic surgery actually work and is there any scientific evidence to support this?
·   Learn about what psychic surgery is and why we would use it.
·   Does psychic surgery affect Universal Law?
·   Learn how psychic surgery works and who can perform it.


Trance healing - Myth or reality?

·   Learn what trance healing is and how it actually works.
·   Who can perform trance healing?
·   Is there any evidence that proves or disproves trance healing works or does not work?


Do you want to know more about spiritual and physical awareness? Check out our course and school information page to get yourself booked on one of our courses or workshops.


Personal guide - A spirit friend who stands by our side while we walk the earth plane.

Guides - A general concept of guides. We all have many guides and helpers that teach and guide us in our lives. Some are closer to us than others but all have the same mission.

Inspirers - The nature and responsibility of our spirit friends is they cannot tell us how to lead our lives, instead they can only inspire us which is a powerful form of influence.

Dark - There are many references to, "dark" terminology. Where there is dark, there is light, where there is war, there can be peace. Good and evil also. (this is applied to the earth plane as well as the spirit realms.)

Light - There are many references to, "light" terminology.  Love is one form of light so is forms of healing. Light can also be used in many other forms (lighting, go to the light, follow me to the light, see me in the light).

Doorkeepers - spirit workers, friends who protect and guard our homes and protect our friends and families.

Workers - Another form and meaning of spirit friends who work, help and guide us.

Earth Plane - reference to the place we humans, animals and plants live on. This is a physical reference something we can physically touch and feel.

Spirit world - The place and realm of spirit. The place where we all come from. The place of love and of light. This place has no time but is eternal.

Physical body -  The physical body is referred to as the body or host we use to live our physical lives. Our spirit uses this physical body.

Material in spiritual terms - objects we can hold and feel such as money, and personal items and possessions. Also referred to as becoming too material where we think too much of physical items rather than concentrate on our spiritual ones.

Material in scientific terms - Objects such as equipment (technological and laboratory objects used to identify paranormal energies.)

Healers - Word often used to describe physical or spiritual application. A person or persons giving healing, spiritual or physical healing.

Patient - Meaning a person or persons who is receiving the healing that is spiritually or physically in need of healing.

General Energy - We can feel, sense or experience the forces of energy. Energy is everywhere and energy forms different basis and levels both scientific and spiritual. Universal life force that binds every single atom within the universe together.

Energy of the body - Our body is made up of energy. We eat and drink to turn the food molecules into energy to fuel our bodies. Our spirit is also referred to as pure energy that can be manipulated.  Spirit energy, if you allow it, can heal and achieve many scientific and spiritual wonders.

Spiritual Energy - Spiritual energy is often closely associated with the metaphor of, "life as breath" the words "qi" "prana" and spirit.

Movies Reviews- Films we recommend- Coming soon.

Something to think about.




Every month we will be placing a variety of recommended books that are best suited for understanding some basic spiritual and scientific concepts and theories. 

Remember, any book, article or paper is simply one or many peoples opinions and judgment on a subject and topic of understanding. Does this mean that one book you may read is right or perhaps wrong? Who knows, but what we can say is that we should question what we read and make our own minds up. By questioning all the time, this allows our physical brain and spiritual mind to think more critically and more effectively. Remember also to trust your feelings and thoughts. If something that you read does not feel right then you should question yourself as to why. This concept can be applied when you read something that you feel is right.

We should also try to read books that demonstrate a balance of understanding. There are many books, articles and papers that can be very confusing. Read books that are simple and easy to understand. We are not saying dont further the progression of your mind, but allow yourself to be more aware of what you read.

Here is a list of recommended books, articles and papers that should give you a basis of combined scientific and spiritual concepts. 

If there are any books that you recommend and you feel could help us in our research and understanding email us at:-


New Topics 2014.

What is the truth about crop-Circles? Coming soon.

What is the truth about Stonehenge? Coming soon.

What is the Bermuda Triangle? Coming soon.

What happens to the spirit when in a physical coma? Coming soon.

Is there life on Mars or Mars simply a dead planet? Coming soon.